New Community Corporation

Started in 1968 as a way to provide affordable housing, today New Community Corporation (NCC) employs 600 local residents, manages 2,000 housing units, and owns roughly $500 million of assets. In 1990, NCC attracted Pathmart, supermarket, the first grocery store to open in Newark’s Central Ward since the 1968 riots, to engage in a joint venture of co-ownership. Pathmart’s sales per square foot reached almost double those of the chain’s average. NCC has since sold its stake in Pathmart, but continues to produce revenue through its Extended Care Facility, a full-service nursing home that currently maintains a 180-bed capacity and serves as an economic anchor for a variety of jobs and services—laundry, storage, maintenance and dining is managed in-house. Surpluses from the facility are invested in other NCC operations such as day care and medical support for seniors.

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