Bayou District Foundation

Formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to help revitalize the city, the Bayou District Foundation is focused on implementing a community redevelopment model that underscores the value of education to enable children and families to escape the cycle of poverty, build a thriving community, and live productive, healthy and fulfilling lives.  Initiated in 2008, the foundation’s core project is the development of a mixed-income community on a former public housing site that combines affordable housing with "cradle to college” educational resources, including an early learning center, a new K-8 charter school, and a new public high school.  With a plan to develop 1,325 units, including 125 senior housing units, 300 public housing units, and 300 affordable units, the project is considered one of the largest urban renewal projects currently underway in the United States.  As of 2014, about 700 mixed-income units had been completed.  In addition to more housing, the next project phase includes the development of a grocery store, pharmacy, and health clinic.

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