Dane County TimeBank (DCTB)

Established in 2005, the Dane County TimeBank (DCTB) is a network of over 2,500 individuals and organizations who exchange services and skills in order to build community, capacity, and a better world.  In 2014, members exchanged 15,545 hours of services.  DCTB also collaborates with community partners to develop programs to help solve challenges identified by the community.  For example, in partnership with the Dane County Department of Human Services and WI Dialysis, 15 DCTB members earned hours in 2013 by providing 600 rides to community residents needing to reach dialysis appointments.  Committed to building a worldwide cooperative network, DCTB is also spearheading a Time for the World Project, which aims to design, prototype, test, evaluate, and actively share tools and knowledge about community practice.

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