The Economic Democracy Training Series: Building Leadership for the Next Economy

MIT Community Innovators Lab and The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative

The MIT Community Innovators Lab and the The Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative have jointly compiled an extensive training workshop series that focusses on allowing excluded populations to engage, unite, and participate in civil society in pursuit of developing sustainable business strategies that generate shared wealth. This unique 10-session, 20-hour curriculum was designed as a tool for leaders to "galvaniz[e] their communities to take a hands-on, democratic approach to local community economic development that would pave the way for all residents, not just those who currently control a majority of the resources, to thrive." Among the cutting-edge workshops developed in training resource is a session entitled  "Building Strong Local Economies: Wealth and Ownership," which guides participants through the myriad societal engines for wealth concentration, showing them concrete strategies to dismantle the drivers of wealth inequality using community and cooperative ownership. The workshop toolboxes provided in the document are comprehensive and include instructions for facilitators, visual aids in the form of powerpoints slides, a detailed agendy, discussion questions, and post-workshop activities.

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