Flatbush Development Corporation

Focused on a 2.5-mile area bounded on the north by Parkside Avenue, on the south by Avenue H, on the East by Flatbush Avenue, and on the West by Coney Island Avenue, the Flatbush Development Corporation was formed in 1975 to address what community members saw as the beginnings of neighborhood decline. Today, the organization is one of the largest providers of programs for youth in the area - offering opportunities for more than 1200 youth and young adults annually - and provides more than 500 tenants and homeowners with individual counseling each year. FDC has also secured funding for various economic development projects, including $1.5 million for the Newkirk Plaza reconstruction project, $1.4 million for a streetscape project for Cortelyou Road, and $4.5 million for a streetscape project for the Flatbush Nostrand Junction.

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