Fruitvale Transit Village

Located in the Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland, the Fruitvale Transit Village is an innovative collaboration of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and a local community development corporation (Unity Council) to combine affordable housing, community space, and retail establishments in a transit-oriented development project.  Completed in the mid 2000s, the award-winning, 257,000 square foot project built on former BART parking lots includes a pedestrian street and plaza; 47 units of mixed-income housing; 114,000 square feet of community services, including a clinic, library, and senior center; 40,000 square feet of neighborhood retail; and a 150-car garage.  The project is now planning its second phase, which aims to create more mixed-income housing to foster 24 hour, 7 day vibrancy, and will include green building and energy saving systems.

POINT (-122.2228653 37.783023)