Gateways for Incarcerated Youth Alumni Survey

Emily Sladek, Laura Coghlan, John Lanning and Cindy Meyer

This publication, co-authored by Democracy Collaborative Research Assistant Emily Sladek, constitutes a survey of former students from the Gateways Evergreen College Class from the years 1997-98 through 2009-10. Gateways is "a culturally responsive educational initiative that works in partnership with the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) and The Evergreen State College in Washington State":

Gateways provides opportunities to link theory and practice for students interested in social service, advocacy, education, critical theory, and criminal justice. Based on alumni feedback, the program also influences some students to choose such career directions. Common to K-12 public education system, and the WA Department of Social and Health Services have set strategic goals and objectives to hire a more culturally competent and diverse workforce. Gateways is preparing its alumni to have a better appreciation for, and ability to work with, people from different backgrounds. The alumni are more diverse and highly likely to either work or volunteer in social services or education. Gateways and its alumni are fulfilling a recognized need and serving their communities.

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