Green for All

With its West Coast headquarters in Oakland, Green For All is a national group that aims to build an inclusive green economy in a way that alleviates poverty and pollution at the same time. Launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2007, Green For All grew out of the work of activist Van Jones, who helped create a “Green Job Corps” in Oakland, California as part of a program at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.  The group’s strategy encompasses three components:  1) communicating information, 2) convening practitioners, activists, and decision-makers, and 3) catalyzing action by incubating projects.  A key current initiative is Green the Church, which aims to empower church leadership and laypeople to develop practical solutions to economic and environmental issues in the Black community and will act as a testing ground for how anchor institutions in low-income communities and communities of color can be centers for community resilience.

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