Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Founded in 1995, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation is transforming 60 acres in Southeastern San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods into a vibrant and economically sustainable destination.  To do so, the Center partners with residents, local leaders and organizations, and investors around three priorities:  1) encouraging physical redevelopment projects through investments in infrastructure, housing, commercial/retail, public art, and recreational/green space; 2) creating accessible pathways for individuals seeking education and employment; and 3) nurturing networks to support entrepreneurs and accelerate existing neighborhood businesses.  The Center’s accomplishments include One Market Creek Plaza, the nation’s first commercial and cultural center to be designed, built, and then owned by neighborhood residents.  The Plaza includes the first major grocery store in the area in over 30 years, the community's first sit-down restaurants (which are family-owned), a bank, and other retail.