Jenkins Hill Child Development Center

Jenkins Hill Child Development Center is a non-profit, parent cooperative daycare center that was incorporated in 1981. 

Our goal at Jenkins Hill is to provide a safe and stimulating environment where infants and toddlers are encouraged to grow socially, emotionally, creatively, physically and intellectually. We want their first school experience to be pleasant, warm, and involving. Our small school size helps ensure individualized, loving care for each child.

The staff realizes the value of the teacher-student learning experience as well as the value of learning and developing through play and peer interaction. The development and use of social skills among the children as well as between the child and the adult is emphasized.

Jenkins Hill offers a curriculum that helps develop a positive self-concept through acceptance, understanding, trust, and love. Activities are provided that encourage success in an environment that encourages self-mastery of skills. The use of age-appropriate activities aims to facilitate and reinforce the growth of the developmental skills of the children.

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