Low Income Investment Fund

Since the group's founding in the mid-1980s, LIIF has provided capital and technical assistance totaling $1.5 billion, which in turn leveraged an additional $6 billion, broadening economic opportunity for 1.7 million people. LIIF's investments helped to create 174,000 units of low income and special needs housing, 243,000 childcare spaces, and 72,000 educational facilities. LIIF also provides grants to support pre-financing activities and facility development in its child care and green programs To assess the social value of its investments—measuring factors like income boosts to families and individuals, health improvement, and reduced government expenditures—LIIF developed a Social Impact Calculator. It estimates that LIIF’s investments have created $30 billion in social value. In 2014, LIIF, in conjunction with other CDFIs, received a $200 million Community Development Financial Institutions Bond award, the largest to date.

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