Mary Queen of Vietnam CDC

Established in 2006 to help Vietnamese-Americans in New Orleans East rebuild their lives and community after hurricane Katrina, Mary Queen of Vietnam CDC (MQVN) initially played a lead role in providing emergency relief assistance and organizing Vietnamese-American residents to take an active role in rebuilding the New Orleans East area.  Today, MQVN aims to foster quality community development, resiliency and celebration of cultures, and works with a range of partners on a wide array of issues including health care, environmental and agricultural concerns, education, housing, social services, economic development, and culture and the arts.  MQVN’s major accomplishments include emergency relief assistance to over 3,000 Vietnamese American residents, the development of a trailer site encompassing 199 homes, culturally competent case management services to over 1,200 community members, and approval for a charter to open an Intercultural Charter School in the community.

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