More Cities Get Serious About Community Wealth-Building

Anne Field

Following the release of our report, Cities Building Community Wealth, journalist Anne Fields emphasizes the growing need for local governments to pass policies that benefit communities. Field draws examples from Marjorie Kelly and Sarah McKinley (co-authors of the report) that discuss the 20 cities highlighted in the report.

...Recently, more city and local governments have been getting in on the act–and that activity is at a point where it’s really starting to take off and, as we say in the business world, scale.

Those are the findings of a new report, Cities Building Community Wealth, just published by The Democracy Collaborative. “City leaders are desperate to try something different,” says Marjorie Kelly, a co-author of the report. “And, now, you’re starting to see more substantial results from their efforts.” The study also looked at relevant activities in 20 cities around the U.S... Read full article.