Netter Center for Community Partnerships (University of Pennsylvania)

The Center for Community Partnerships is the University of Pennsylvania's primary vehicle for community-oriented, real-world problem solving. Its work involves three key efforts: 1) Academically Based Community Service, which engages students and faculty in West Philadelphia public schools, communities of faith, and community organizations to address critical campus and community problems; 2) University-Assisted Community Schools, which tap University resources to help public schools become innovative institutions that educate, engage, empower and serve students, families and community members; and 3) Anchor Institution Strategy, which aims to engage the University in a democratic, sustained partnership with the community. The Center also supports the Anchor Institutions Task Force (AITF), which serves as an advocacy and movement building organization to create and advance democratic, mutually beneficial anchor institution-community partnerships.  Formed in 2009, the AITF has grown into a network of over 700 leaders.

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