New Directory Maps Community Wealth Building Initiatives across the Country

Interactive Map Shows Breadth and Diversity of Wealth Building Activities
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Madison Freeman

Every year, an increasing number of community wealth building projects pop up all over the country as part of a recent surge in community-led activities seeking economic alternatives that build wealth collectively from the bottom up.  A wide network of diverse organizations and initiatives, including nonprofit community development corporations, community land trusts that develop and maintain low-income housing, community development financial institutions, and employee- and community-owned cooperatives now dot the landscape, a promising sign of the growing traction of innovative solutions to solve economic challenges in our communities.

To help navigate this ever-growing sea of wealth-building institutions, the Democracy Collaborative is releasing a new tool—a directory of community wealth building initiatives nation-wide displayed as an interactive map. Available here on, the map shows the locations of all of the community development organizations and initiatives referenced or featured on the website, and is searchable by city and sector. By providing easy access to general and contact information in a searchable format, the map allows individuals to discover local organizations and pinpoint potential partners, models, and support organizations.


Mapping our directory reveals just how extensive and diverse the community wealth building movement has become. In every city, organizations large and small can be found working hard to enrich their communities and build more democratic local economies.

Efforts have been made to ensure the greatest possible accuracy. However, if mistakes are found or if you would like to add an initiative to the map, please send any corrections or suggestions to