States Fall Short on Help for Housing: Six Months after Mortgage Settlement, Less than Half of States’ $2.5 Billion Has Gone for Housing

Andrew Jakabovics and William McHale

Enterprise Community Partners released this update to its National Mortgage Settlement report which shows that less than half of the $25 billion from the National Mortgage Settlement is being allocated for housing related uses.  Researchers Andrew Jakabovics and William McHale found that while the majority of states are directing most, if not all, of their funds toward housing activities, the largest recipients are not. Instead, these states have directed their share to state general funds or left the final use undetermined. Among the states that did allocate their share of funds to housing related uses, most set aside funds for homeowner legal assistance and housing counseling programs. However, they also found that for these states, the actual process of disbursing the funds is more complicated, and lengthier, than might be assumed.