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Localizing the Internet: Five Ways Public Ownership Solves the U.S. Broadband Problem

Becca Vargo Daggett

As Becca Vargo Daggett of Institute for Local Self-Reliance notes, the U.S. has fallen in recent years from first to 15th in high-speed Internet access. But municipal electric utilities are filling the gap. Today over 650 cities own broadband systems, ranging from fiber optic networks that connect public buildings and major businesses to citywide Wi-Fi networks.

Making a Place for Community: Local Democracy in a Global Era

Thad Williamson, David Imbroscio and Gar Alperovitz

Making a Place for Community argues that misguided politics at the local, state and national level have damaged local community life in the United State and weaken the basis of local democracy. Through a combination of community wealth building strategies, from land trusts to municipal and employee ownership, Thad Williamson, David Imbroscio, and Gar Alperovitz show how people can act to limit sprawl and build economic stability by anchoring jobs in local communites.

The Small-Mart Revolution

Michael Shuman

Contrary to popular belief, many small, locally-owned businesses actually out-perform their “big box” and Fortune 500 competition. In this new book, social entrepreneur and author Michael Shuman details dozens of specific strategies that small and home-based businesses are using to successfully out-compete the world's largest companies.

Non Profit Quarterly: Special Issue on the Non-Profit Economy

Gar Alperovitz

Is the way we are currently using the capital available to us working during a period of declining social spending and greater inequality? In this issue of Nonprofit Quarterly, Gar Alperovitz of The Democracy Collaborative and others discuss ways to enhance community wellbeing.