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July 2007

  • Study Reveals 17 Million American Households in 2005 Spent Half Their Income on Housing
  • Asset Building Comes of Age
  • Confronting Race & Building Equity in Cleveland
  • Community-University Partnerships Anchor Wealth Building in Worcester, MA
  • Social Enterprise Study Sparks Debate
  • ESOPs Featured as Wealth Building Strategy at National Policy Conference
  • New America Unveils 2007 Asset Policy Agenda
  • Report Offers Vision of a Community-Based Economy
  • Brookings Study Highlights the “High Cost of Being Poor”
  • Interviews with Community Wealth Builders
  • Community Wealth-Building Cities: Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Co-op Association Sets Path For Creation of National Co-op Equity Fund
  • Co-op Bank Highlights Purchasing Co-op Struggle against “Big Box” Stores
  • Pennsylvania Roundtable on Building Community Wealth
  • City First Enterprises (Washington, DC)
  • Homeward Bound (San Rafael, CA)
  • National Alliance of Community Economic 
    Development Associations
  • Social Venture Network
  • Uptown Consortium

April 2007

  • Capitalism 3.0: Outlining a New Vision to Restructure Our Economy for Nature, Equity & Community
  • Study Reveals Two-Tier, Race-Based Lending Economy in the United States
  • Neighborhood Funders Group Confronts “Elephants in the Room”
  • California Asset-Building Bill Runs Into Immigration Politics Roadblock
  • Social Enterprise Movement Matures
  • Virginia Small-Town Mayor Proposes $30-million Biomass Energy Investment
  • New Report Examines Role of Immigrant Entrepreneurs
  • Annual Asset-Building Policy Report
  • Proposals for a New Social Enterprise Legal Structure
  • Interviews with Community Wealth Builders
  • NACEDA....a voice for community economic development:
    New Community Development Group Holds Inaugural Summit
  • Community Reinvestment Coalition Takes Aim at Predatory Lending
  • Pennsylvania Roundtable on Building Community Wealth
  • BerkShares, Inc
  • Community Investment Network
  • Corporation 20/20
  • First Homes
  • Fare Start

January 2007

  • Law Journal Paper Proposes Giving Citizens an Equity Stake in Businesses That Receive Government Subsidies
  • Retaining Community Wealth in a ‘Big Box' Economy
  • Facing the Challenges of Socially Responsible Business
  • Guide Supports Worker Co-op Formation and Expansion
  • Minimum Wage Debate Illustrates Shift in Power to State Governments
  • California Approves Split-Tax Refunds to Encourage Savings
  • Report Documents Growing Payday Lending Debt Trap
  • Community Development Venture Capital Yields Results
  • San Francisco Community Works to Develop Broad Community Wealth Initiative
  • Interview with Ron Phillips on Community Wealth Building Trends
  • Fed Chair Bernacke Addresses Community Development Finance conference
  • Cleveland Roundtable on Building Community Wealth
  • Colors
  • Grameen Family of Enterprises
  • National Community Land Trust Network
  • Poverty & Race Research Action Council

September 2006

  • National Survey Finds CDC Housing Production Tops 1 Million Mark
  • Valuing the Wealth of Neighborhoods
  • Rebuilding Economies through Local Ownership
  • City of Portland, Oregon Invests in “Green” Building
  • Study Documents High Cost of Predatory Lending
  • San Diego Uses Community Ownership Model to Spur Development
  • Building Savings through Payroll Deductions
  • Group Aims to Launch Community Development Guarantee Company in 2007
  • Hundreds Gather to Promote Employee Ownership
  • Forum Identifies Rural Community Development Policy Priorities
  • Community Energy Cooperative
  • Center for Urban Research and Learning (CURL), Loyola University
  • Native American Bank
  • Cooperative Home Care Associates

June 2006

  • New Study Finds Growing Income Gap Across the Nation
  • Health Care Co-ops Provide Community Care
  • The Road to a “Common Sense” Economy
  • Is America Building an Opportunity Society?
  • Study Highlights Innovative Transit Projects
  • Irvine, California Aims To Develop Nation's Largest Community Land Trust
  • Former World Trade Center Restaurant Workers Open Worker Co-op
  • Michigan Begins Children's Savings Account Pilot Program
  • “Time Dollar” Barter System Builds Community
  • Hundreds Gather to Promote Community Reinvestment
  • Forum Identifies Community Development Policy Priorities
  • Nonprofit Leaders Gather to Discuss Social Enterprise Strategies
  • Too Much
  • Local First
  • PRI Makers
  • Nonprofit Congress

March 2006

  • More than $2 Trillion in Socially Responsible Investments
  • Policy Innovations in “Red States”? Absolutely!
  • Rust Belt Cities on the Move
  • Progressive State Policy Agenda
  • Bi-Partisan Support for Community Wealth Initiatives
  • Community Broadband Dispute Heats Up
  • DC Renters Form Housing Co-op to Stave Off Gentrification
  • Alaska Governor Urges State Ownership of Oil Pipeline
  • Can Asset-Based Policies Reduce the Growing Wealth Gap?
  • A Homestead Act for the 21st Century
  • New Strategies for Inclusive Growth
  • University-Community Partnerships Lead to Urban University Revival
  • Free Press
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Community Forklift
  • Pension Funds and Urban Revitalization


"Another World is Possible" - a new article from Democracy Collaborative Principal Gar Alperovitz

Winter 2005

  • War on Poverty: Unfinished business
  • Evaluating Community-University Partnerships
  • After the flood: Rebuilding New Orleans
  • Community Development Corporation Trade Association Looks to the Future
  • Foundations Fall Short in Support of Community Development
  • Santa Cruz, Calif. Deposits Funds Locally to Spur Local Development
  • CalPERS inner city investments pay off
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Turns 25
  • Urban loan plan advances in Milwaukee
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Wal-Mart Watch
  • Partnership for Community Development, Colgate University
  • The Energy Cooperative (Philadelphia)

September 2005

  • Interview on Community Wealth Building
  • Fastener Industries Celebrates 25 Years
  • Examining Community Engagement's Roots
  • New York City Council approves health care benefits bill
  • Report from Aspen Institute questions foundations' investment strategy
  • An Employee-Owned Community Development Bank
  • Eastern Worker Co-op Conference Highlights Growth
  • Car Repair as Social Enterprise Strategy
  • Tax Refunds Help Low-Income Households Build Savings
  • Apollo Alliance
  • Lenders for Community Development
  • Asset Policy Initiative of California
  • Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues

August 2005

  • When Corporations Undermine Community Wealth
  • Beyond the Classroom: the Economic Power of Universities
  • How Social Investment Builds a True Ownership Society
  • States Surpass Feds on Minimum Wage
  • First US College Dedicates Fund Exclusively to 
    Community Investment
  • The New Battle Over Who Will Own Broadband
  • French Fund Commits 600 Million Euros to Socially 
    Responsible Investment
  • National Vacant Properties Campaign
  • OurBiz
  • Coastal Enterprise
  • The Beyster Institute
  • The Calvert Foundation