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"Another World is Possible" - a new article from Democracy Collaborative Principal Gar Alperovitz

Winter 2005

  • War on Poverty: Unfinished business
  • Evaluating Community-University Partnerships
  • After the flood: Rebuilding New Orleans
  • Community Development Corporation Trade Association Looks to the Future
  • Foundations Fall Short in Support of Community Development
  • Santa Cruz, Calif. Deposits Funds Locally to Spur Local Development
  • CalPERS inner city investments pay off
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Turns 25
  • Urban loan plan advances in Milwaukee
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
  • Wal-Mart Watch
  • Partnership for Community Development, Colgate University
  • The Energy Cooperative (Philadelphia)

September 2005

  • Interview on Community Wealth Building
  • Fastener Industries Celebrates 25 Years
  • Examining Community Engagement's Roots
  • New York City Council approves health care benefits bill
  • Report from Aspen Institute questions foundations' investment strategy
  • An Employee-Owned Community Development Bank
  • Eastern Worker Co-op Conference Highlights Growth
  • Car Repair as Social Enterprise Strategy
  • Tax Refunds Help Low-Income Households Build Savings
  • Apollo Alliance
  • Lenders for Community Development
  • Asset Policy Initiative of California
  • Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues

August 2005

  • When Corporations Undermine Community Wealth
  • Beyond the Classroom: the Economic Power of Universities
  • How Social Investment Builds a True Ownership Society
  • States Surpass Feds on Minimum Wage
  • First US College Dedicates Fund Exclusively to 
    Community Investment
  • The New Battle Over Who Will Own Broadband
  • French Fund Commits 600 Million Euros to Socially 
    Responsible Investment
  • National Vacant Properties Campaign
  • OurBiz
  • Coastal Enterprise
  • The Beyster Institute
  • The Calvert Foundation

July 2005

  • When Employees Have Equity Attitude
  • A University Helps to Rebuild a Neighborhood
  • Prosperity Campaign
  • ISPs Attempt to Stop Public Broadband
  • Getting a “Bang for the Buck"
  • George Soros Challenges the City of Baltimore
  • LISC Stakes New Ground in Charter Schools
  • Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund
  • Ashoka
  • U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives

June 2005

  • Building Wealth: The New Asset-Based Approach to Solving Social and Economic Problems
  • “The New Heroes”
  • E-Posters
  • A Real Ownership Society | by Gar Alperovitz
  • No Way to Run a Soccer Team | by Thad Williamson
  • Universities as Economic Engines
  • Bread and Butter Issues on the Ballot | By Hans Johnson
  • Community Wealth Ventures, Inc.
  • The National Center for Employee Ownership
  • The Institute on Assets and Social Policy
  • The MBD community development corporation