Our monthly email newsletter provides an essential overview of the latest news and state of the art developments in community wealth building. Check out the archives below.

December 2013

This month's new developments include: 

  • The Anchor Dashboard encourages conversations about how to measure the impact of an anchor mission for low-income communities in a Federal Reserve audioconference, "Redefining Rustbelt: The Role of Anchor Institutions and the Arts", a panel hosted by the Municipal Arts Society of New York on "The Role of Large Institutions in City Building", and a webcast briefing at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Newly Launched Interactive Tool Maps Community Wealth Building Activities
  • Interview Reveals Expanded Opportunities for Worker Cooperatives
  • New Book Presents Community Foundations as Anchor Institutions
  • Paper Outlines Strategies to Minimize Risk When Investing in Cooperatives
  • Federal Reserve Paper Finds Local Entrepreneurship Builds Strong Local Economies
  • New Report Argues that Public-Private Parternships Weaken Small Business
  • Local First Arizona
  • A Visual Guide to Employee-Owned Businesses

November 2013

This month’s new developments, include:

  • Our Anchor Dashboard paper, designed to help institutions assess the long-term impact of their economic development activities, was featured in a presentation at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of University Partnerships, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s Redefining “Rust Belt” four-city videoconference, The Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities’ annual conference, the Municipal Arts Society Summit for New York City, and at the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City’s Inner City Economic Summit in Cleveland.
  • Community Wealth Building Key to Democratizing the Economy
  • C-W Interview: Reverend Barry Randolph
  • Book Explores Equitable Solutions to Global Environmental Challenges
  • New Series Investigates Community Wealth Building Inititatives Across the Nation
  • Growing Opportunities to Invest Directly in Communities Builds Local Economies
  • Collaboration Between Anchor Instituions and Food Hubs Supports Local Food Economies
  • Center for Environmental Transformation
  • Cincinatti Union Cooperative

October 2013

This month’s new developments, include:

  • Our Anchor Dashboard paper, designed to help institutions assess the long-term impact of their economic development activities, was profiled in Next City and on the San Francisco Federal Reserve’s "What Works" website.
  • Article Provides Steps to Democratizing the Economy in Communities
  • C-W City: Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Innovative Employers Generate Good Jobs While Boosting Profits
  • Healing Communities Requires Addressing Environmental Factors Outside Hosptial Walls
  • Sharing Economy Promotese Innovative Local Policies
  • New Report Presents Framework for Structuring Successful Cross-Sector Partnerships
  • Wagemark
  • Ioby

September 2013

This month’s new developments include:

  • The release of The Democracy Collaborative’s latest paper and online tool The Anchor Dashboard: Aligning Institutional Practices to Meet Low-Income Community Needs, and companion research report Achieving the Anchor Promise: Improving Outcomes for Low-Income Children, Families and Communities
  • The Democacy Collaborative convened our first gathering of Native American community development leaders in a “Learning/Action Laboratory for Community Wealth Building” supported by the Northwest Area Foundation
  • Gar Alperovitz presented a keynote address at the Annual Conference of the Academy of Management
  • The Capital Institute released video highlights from a symposium entitled “Beyond Sustainability: The Road to Regenerative Capitalism”
  • Paper Provides Guide to Protecting Financial Resources for Older Adults
  • Journal of Higher Educations Highlights Anchor Institution Movement
  • Inclusive Capitalism Improves Worker Well-being While Addressing Economnic Disparity
  • Broadband Access Promotes Local Economic Development
  • European Federation of Employee Shared Ownership
  • Pear Energy

August 2013

Welcome to our August newsletter. This month’s features include:

  • Our joint webinar with the Responsible Endowments Coalition about our recently published report Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Investment
  • The Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society publication of a journal issue entitled “Symposium: Alternatives to Capitalism
  • Gar Alperovitz's New York Times op-ed
  • Report Reveals Integrated Strategies for Rethinking Urban Regeneration
  • Thoughtful Design that Focuses on Placemaking can Build Community Happiness
  • Building Local Economies Depends on Remaking Public Policy
  • New Book Advances a National Policy Agenda Focused on Equity
  • Modernizing Asset Limits
  • Community Economics Collective

July 2013

Welcome to our July newsletter. We celebrate the 237th anniversary of the American Revolution with a number of new developments:

  • The Democracy Collaborative and the Responsible Endowments Coalition (REC) will host a webinar on July 19 at 1pm presenting the findings of our jointly published report Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Investment
  • Ted Howard spoke at a St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank event, entitled “Exploring Innovation in Community Development
  • We continued our work to help expand the conversation on how hospitals as anchor institutions can improve the physical and economic health of their communities
  • Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz continues his book tour for What Then Must We Do?
  • CW Interview: Kate Sofis
  • Paper Reviews Existing Knowledge of Anchor Institutions
  • Financial Cooperaties Are a Credible Alternative to Mainstream Banks
  • Study Shows that Working Renters Bear the Brunt of Housing Cost Burdens
  • Documentary Film Highlights Local Approaches to Creating a New Economy
  • The Community Toolbox
  • Responsible Endowments Coalition

June 2013

Featured this month:

  • The release of a new report, Raising Student Voices: Student Action for University Community Investment, a joint publication with the Responsible Endowments Coalition
  • Watch the entire May 8 community forum on how anchor institutions can help build more resilient and inclusive local economies
  • Gar Alperovitz continues his book tour for What Then Must We Do?
  • The Democracy Collaborative continues to publish articles on a number of issues related to community wealth building
  • Chicago Factory Reborn as Worker-owned Cooperative
  • Asset Building Approach Builds Household Financial Security and Success
  • Integrated Voter Engagement Leads to Heightened Civic Engagement
  • Employee-owned Companies Outperform Conventional Businesses
  • Community Sourced Capital
  • The Billion Dollar Green Challenge

May 2013

Welcome to our May e-newsletter. This month we have a number of updates and features to bring you:

  • The Democracy Collaborative and the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT present the findings of our recent case study: The Anchor Mission: Leveraging the Power of Anchor Institutions to Build Community Wealth.
  • The Democracy Collaborative announces a new partnership with the Northwest Area Foundation and several Native American tribes on a community economic development “Learning/Action Laboratory.”
  • Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz continues his national tour promoting his latest book, What Then Must We Do? and accompanying film, The Next American Revolution.
  • Community Wealth Buildling Action Agenda Offers Illinois a Path Forward
  • Online Tool and Companion Brief Outline Community Benefits After Healthcare Reform
  • Access to Healthy Food Stimulates Economic Opportunity
  • New Report Calls for Joint Action to Build a Just Economy
  • Study Recommends Expanding Mortgages to Owners of Manufactured Homes
  • C-W City: Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
  • Genuine Progress
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Sawmill Community Land Trust

April 2013

Welcome to our April e-newsletter. This month, we have a host of exciting updates and features to bring to you:

March 2013

Welcome to our monthly e-newsletter. We hope this new, shorter format provides you with more current news and an improved reading experience. Here's a look at what's inside:

  • The Democracy Collaborative's latest report: Hospitals Building Healthier Communities.
  • Information on Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz's forthcoming book, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About The Next American Revolution.
  • The grand opening of the third business in Cleveland’s Evergreen Cooperative network, Green City Growers.
  • Housing and Asset Policies Contribute to Racial Wealth Divide
  • Analysis Paints Picture of Financial Insecurity in America
  • Layoffs are Less Likely for Employee Owners
  • EPA Presents Strategies for Healthy, Equitable Communities
  • The American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange
  • Farm To People