This new fund will help retiring baby boomers turn their businesses into worker co-ops

Eillie Anzilotti
Fast Company

With its new fund, the Cleveland-based Evergreen Cooperatives have a bold goal: to make it easy to transition a business to worker-ownership.

Breathing life into local economies

Sarah Mahoney

"Buying locally. Offering job training. Investing in budding businesses. Medical schools and teaching hospitals increasingly collaborate with local communities to improve health and help cure economic ills...."

With a New Fund, Evergreen Cooperatives Looks to Spread the ‘Cleveland Model’

Randy Mueller

The Evergreen Cooperatives' new fund that will acquire existing companies from retiring business owners and sell them back to the employees. This conversion strategy is gaining popularity among advocates of worker ownership in the face of a “Silver Tsunami” of retiring baby boomer business owners.

The Fund for Employee Ownership, as the Evergreen fund is called, is the latest and perhaps most potent initiative aimed at expanding employee ownership and the principles of democratic governance....