Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

Northside Community Housing, Inc.

Northside Community Housing, Inc. (NCHI) aims to provide high-quality, affordable housing and opportunities for people to improve their lives and community.  Since its establishment in 1977, the CDC has developed over 300 affordable homes.  NCHI also supports a range of collaborative community projects, which include two youth employment/entrepreneurship programs, the redevelopment of vacant lots into community gardens, and various neighborhood events.

North Newstead Association

The North Newstead Association promotes economic wellbeing in the North Newstead community by providing affordable housing and family support services.  Since its establishment in 1993, the CDC has constructed or rehabilitated nearly 190 affordable housing units and has improved the façades of over 50 area businesses.  The nonprofit is currently working to convert a long-vacant public school building into a 36-unit affordable apartment building for seniors.

The Housing Partnership

Founded in 1998 as Lemay Housing Partnership, The Housing Partnership (THP) aims to enhance the quality of life in the Lemay community by fostering a healthy and economically sustainable living environment.  Since 2015, the CDC is credited with building about 50 new, affordable homes, many on sites that had derelict, vacant properties.  To help area residents remain in their homes, THP also provides forgivable loans to low/moderate income homeowners so they can make improvements needed to increase their houses’ health and safety.  The CDC also works to boost homeownership across the St. Louis region by offering homebuyer training, counseling, and small loans to help with down payments and closing costs.

Shared Housing Services

Founded in 1991, Shared Housing Services aims to prevent homelessness and foster independence by providing low-income people with innovative, affordable housing.  Through its Homesharing Program, the nonprofit matches elderly, disabled, and very low-income people in need of affordable housing with people willing to provide a private bedroom in their homes in exchange for rent and/or assistance.  The nonprofit also owns 12 units of housing that serve as transitional housing for low-income homeless families.

Metropolitan Development Council

Founded in 1964, the Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of very low-income individuals living in Tacoma and Pierce County.  To do so, the nonprofit provides a range of housing, health, education, and employment programs to about 26,000 people on an annual basis.  It also owns and manages 375 units of housing for homeless and low-income people.

Korean Women’s Association

The Korean Women’s Association (KWA) was established in 1972 as a social club for Korean women married to American servicemen.  Originally focused on providing transportation and translation services to immigrants at area military bases, KWA has grown into a multi-cultural human services nonprofit that provides education, socialization, advocacy, and supportive services to 150,000 people across 11 Western Washington counties on an annual basis.  The nonprofit owns and manages over 200 affordable housing units, many of which are in facilities that offer residents culturally sensitive services such as English as a Second Language classes and ethnic meals.

Homeownership Center of Tacoma

Established in 1993, the Homeownership Center of Tacoma helps low and moderate-income people achieve homeownership within Tacoma.  To do so, the nonprofit constructs and rehabilitates single-family homes, and offers homeownership counseling and financing assistance to qualified homebuyers.  In 2016, the nonprofit had eight houses under construction and held four lots for future housing projects.

NALCAB Annual National Conference

April 10th, 2018 to April 12th, 2018
Orlando, FL

National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders Taking Stock, Adapting, Persevering Annual Conference Read more about NALCAB Annual National Conference...

Bridging Communities

Bridging Communities focuses on improving quality of life for Southwest Detroit’s elder residents and creating caring communities where people of all ages can live in dignity.  Its development program focuses on creating affordable senior housing communities and includes new development and the rehabilitation of vacant, foreclosed properties into resident-owned affordable homes.  To build community, create intergenerational connections, and help seniors access needed resources, the nonprofit also manages a timebank, Unity in Our Community.

Urban Neighborhoods Initiatives

Founded in 1997 to transform an empty church in a neighborhood suffering from gang activity, drug use, and prostitution into a center for neighborhood development, Urban Neighborhoods Initiatives has since expanded to provide a range of youth development, economic development, and education programs in Detroit’s Springwells community.  The nonprofit’s work is credited with revitalizing three city parks and developing a land stewardship program that engages residents to maintain over 10 acres of land in the community.  To help meet area residents’ transportation needs and provide job training for youth, the nonprofit created a social enterprise, Southwest Rides.  In addition to selling affordable bikes and skateboards, the enterprise has an “earn-a-bike” program, which provides free bikes to youth who complete a 6-week education program focused on bike maintenance and safety.

Central Detroit Christian Community Development

Central Detroit Christian Community Development is a faith-based CDC focused on empowering people and creating positive opportunities for the community.  In 2016, the nonprofit’s financial wellness program, which includes homebuyer education, financial education, and home preservation classes, served over 800 people.  The nonprofit also rehabbed 8 homes and began a $10 million project which will rehab an old apartment building into 44 modern units.  Through its employment programs, the CDC provides job training and work opportunities to about 100 youth and adults per year.  Its businesses include City Kids Soup, which sells youth-made healthy soups, and Detroit Remade, which uses abandoned materials to create furniture and home goods.

Southwest Solutions

Southwest Solutions was founded in 1970 as a mental health-focused nonprofit.  Recognizing that reintegrating the mentally ill and homeless into the community requires decent, affordable housing and support services, the nonprofit expanded its focus over time to include housing, economic, and workforce development programs.  Southwest Solutions is now the largest multi-family housing developer in the region with $150 million of real estate development completed or in progress, which includes 26 buildings that it has restored for both residential and commercial use.  The nonprofit also owns a financing organization, Southwest Lending Solutions, through which it provides a range of affordable lending products to homebuyers, homeowners, and landlords.  In 2014, its programs were credited with supporting more than 25,000 people.

Urban Housing Solutions

Established in 1991, Urban Housing Solutions seeks to provide affordable housing for people with unique needs, and to revitalize and enhance Nashville’s neighborhoods.  To do so, it owns and operates 30 properties encompassing over 900 apartments and 17,000 square feet of commercial space, which it provides at affordable rates to support neighborhood start-ups.  The nonprofit also provides social service referrals and transportation to residents needing supportive services.