Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

Eighteenth Street Development Corporation

The Eighteenth Street Development Corporation focuses on providing capacity building services, technical assistance, guidance, and advocacy to local businesses and entrepreneurs.  Since its establishment in 1976, it has assisted over 1,000 businesses and entrepreneurs, which has resulted in the creation of more than 500 new jobs and the retention of an additional 1,000 jobs. Read more about Eighteenth Street Development Corporation...

Building the Case for Racial Equity in the Food System

Anthony Giancatarino and Simran Noor
The Center for Social Inclusion

This report from The Center for Social Inclusion examines the effects of housing, school, land, and wage policies on access to healthy food in communities of color. It offers recommendations to surmount these challenges, such as investing in cooperatively owned food enterprises and leveraging dollars from the Affordable Care Act’s community benefit requirements for nonprofit hospitals. The report also includes several reference guides to help community groups identify and confront the particular institutions, policies, and practices that promote structural racial inequity in their food systems. 

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing focuses on developing and managing resident-centered, affordable housing in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. The nonprofit has developed over 300 units of affordable housing, saved 45 historical buildings from demolition, and currently manages approximately 200 units. Demonstrating its commitment to the community, the organization’s development work employs low-income community residents and purchases materials and supplies from local businesses.   Read more about Over-the-Rhine Community Housing...

Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)

Established in 2003, 3CDC is a nonprofit focused on revitalizing Cincinnati’s downtown core. The CDC’s specific objectives include creating high density, mixed-use development and “great” civic spaces, preserving historic structures, improving streetscapes, and developing diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods supported by local business. 3CDC also operates two private development funds that have invested over $717 million in downtown Cincinnati and surrounding, distressed neighborhoods.   Read more about Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)...

Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC)

Aiming to stabilize and revitalize the community, Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC) focuses on increasing homeownership, eliminating blight, and supporting business development. It adheres to energy-efficient and environmentally conscientious building practices and is credited with constructing the first two Silver LEED Certified single-family homes in Cincinnati. Read more about Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC)...

The Asset Learning Conference

September 19th, 2014
Washington, DC

Research Director Steve Dubb and Research Associate Sarah McKinley will moderate a panel on community wealth building in Native American communities. Read more about The Asset Learning Conference...

Indian Country the Site of New Developments in Community Wealth Building

Five projects seek to launch social enterprises and employee-owned business in Native American communities
Indian Country is the site of some exciting new work taking shape in social enterprise and employee ownership. Five Native American projects are being developed as part of an initiative managed by The Democracy Collaborative and funded by the Northwest Area Foundation, known as the Learning/Action Lab for Community Wealth Building.

University Circle, Inc.

Founded in 1957 as University Circle Development Foundation to administer the first Master Plan for the University Circle district, the group was restructured in 1970 as University Circle Inc. (UCI) so that it could have a more pro-active role in the area’s development.  In 2007, UCI launched a Five-Year Action Plan focused on building a safe, clean, and attractive neighborhood on the foundation of the University Circle anchor institutions and partner businesses.  To do so, its current work includes facilitating, supporting, and leading economic development initiatives; providing the direct services needed to maintain a clean, safe and attractive district and to help its partner organizations save resources (e.g., cooperative purchasing); and advocacy to attract more people to the district.

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Incorporated (BBC)

Founded in 1990, Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Incorporated (BBC) is a non-profit neighborhood development organization focused on empowering Cleveland citizens and revitalizing the blighted, underserved Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods.  To do so, BBC is engaged in a range of initiatives including housing and commercial development, streetscape improvements, youth recreation and education, community security, healthy food access, social enterprise (such as the Bridgeport Café), business development services, and homeownership and financial education workshops and counseling.

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (FRDC)

Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation (FRDC) is a CDC focused on strengthening Northeast Ohio.  Since 1996, FRDC has produced over 348 new single-family homes and 100 multi-family units, and rehabilitated over 650 additional units.  An important initiative it administers is the Greater Circle Living program, which offers financial assistance and other supports to encourage people working at institutions within the Greater University district to live near their place of employment.  FRDC’s comprehensive work also includes neighborhood cleanups, home energy assistance, after-school activities for youth, and a range other health, wellness, and community-building programs.

NACEDA 8th Annual Summit

November 12th, 2014 to November 14th, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

NACEDA 8th Annual Summit

November 12th, 2014 to November 14th, 2014
San Antonio, Texas

NACEDA 8th Annual Summit

November 12th, 2014 to November 14th, 2014
San Antonio, Texas