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Democratic Public Ownership for the 21st Century

The Cooperative Party

Noting that a majority of British residents support public ownership of the railways and key utilities, this new paper from the Co-Operative Party calls for modern forms of democratic public ownership. The authors outline how democratic public ownership can lead to productivity gains and protection from government underinvestment in critical infrastructure. The paper outlines what ownership could look like across rail, water, and energy, making actionable recommendations in each sector

Alternative Models Of Ownership

The Labour Party , Cheryl Barrott, Cllr Mathew Brown, Andrew Cumbers, Christopher Hope, Les Huckfield, Rob Calvert Jump , Niel McLnroy and Linda Show
The Labour Party

Exploring alternative models of ownership the UK Labour Party begins to see community wealth building as an alternative to the financial driven community development:  

...locally-led ownership is not necessarily as simple as ownership in the physical sense. More to the point, the term indicates that the economy in an area is not ‘owned’ by corporate interests, but rather it is ‘owned’ by the local community. As such, it refers to the localisation of economic control. This means that economic decisions, made locally, are used to try to advance the interests of the community as a whole, to strive to achieve ‘Community wealth building’. It is about empowering communities to address the challenges that they face.